//Gungner Chassis For Ruger 10/22

Gungner Chassis For Ruger 10/22

Chassis For Ruger 10/22

Chassis for Ruger 1022

The Ruger 10/22 has been popular since its release in 1964. It is one of the easy-use and customizable weapon. The manageable qualities, light weight and accuracy of Ruger 10/22 has made it America’s favorite from the very start. It is so handy that any person can use and replace its parts using just screw driver and hex key.


Uses Of Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 tactical was greatly used for military purposes. It was also used in many great wars. With Ruger tactical, there are many more advanced techniques and new models introduced. The Gungner Miami, FL based company has also introduced advanced chassis system. The Chassis system is manufactured from a highly durable, fiberglass reinforced nylon. It has an extended forend with full length top and bottom. The most important thing about chassis system is that they do not need bedding in design. They are typically constructed of Polymer Nylon and the Picatinny rail allows the use of different accessories i.e. lights, laser sights, bipods, sling mounts etc. The receiver extension of chassis system allows the use of AR-15 Milspec carbine stocks. It also has an aluminum grip block which gives the availability of a solid mounting point for AR-15 grips. It has such a unique geometry that screwing the barreled action into the chassis provides a stress-free installation. The detachable magazine system makes the alignment of the magazine to the action quite accurate. The shooter doesn’t have to be concerned about the aligning of the different parts. It has a bottom metal which will save you money. Installation of a chassis makes the system very easy to use. Many complex systems require removal and installation of the trigger but chassis gives the opportunity to remove the rifle from the stock and simply screw into the new chassis. How amazing is that!

Things To Know Before Buying Ruger 10/22

Moreover, Gungner GR-22 chassis gives more versatility than others. The rifle chassis systems are different in construction than regular traditional rifle stocks. We can call chassis systems as modular rifle systems as they are modular in construction. The chassis systems are adaptable and configurable for the shooter at any point. In fact, some chassis provide different forearms, side panels and pistol grips.With stocks and chassis systems, many argue whether stocks are better or chassis. That is not even the question as it depends only on the user’s preference and the need of the hour. Usually, a stock is a one-piece equipped with bedding pillars made of aluminum. Previously, pillars were used for providing effective accuracy. Now pillars are used to provide proper spacing between the bottom metal and action. But the bedding action in stocks requires some serious skills. Also, the bedding compound needs to be protected from solvents to avoid any serious damage. It becomes a little time-consuming. To avoid the hustle, many prefer chassis systems over stocks as it does not require bedding at all.

The Gungner chassis systems are often considered a great tool for shooting and self-defense. Many Americans have rifles in their homes to protect themselves from any upcoming threat. In the world where the precision shooting is what everybody wants, the wooden rifles are fading out. In the 1960s, fiberglass composite stocks were introduced and from then, many upgraded systems have made their place in the weapons market. Today, a precision shooter wants a tailor-made thing. He wants accuracy, comfort, and versatility all in one. This is where the Polymer nylon rifle chassis comes into action. A chassis can be the best option for you if you are finding all the above qualities in your weapon. There is no denying the fact that chassis gives you an easy installation process. There is no bedding. You can choose from many models of chassis. Choose a model with custom inlet as it will install in minutes and it will be more useful if you want to switch barrels in the future. The chassis designs are user friendly. You can use V-block method and XLR (multi-point radical input) method for installation. The multi-point method takes much more time than V-block but it’s worth the sacrifice as it gives more accuracy and satisfaction.

Chassis for Ruger 10/22 Rifle

If you want to do a comparison between a chassis system and traditional rifle stock, only visual comparison will give you a lot to see. Much of the comfort in the chassis is in its modular abilities. The modern milspec buttstock can be used in chassis is detachable and is outstanding in providing support and precision to the shooter. Gungner chassis systems also provide a molded pistol grip that provides a better interface between the shooter and the firearm, thus enhancing the performance of the system. The chassis systems also improve accuracy by 50%, we can say, over factory stocks. Most chassis come with the facility of detachable magazines with large capacity. With solid bedding system, the chassis systems are not affected by the foreign elements and as a result, there will be no variations in accuracy during shooting. The embedded bedding system gives the rifle great stability. As the chassis are heavier, they provide more stability than the rifle stocks. This is the additional weight of manufacturing that gives the stability to the system. The chassis systems work better in switch barrel applications as well.

Mechanically, both stock and chassis systems have the feeding mechanism. Both work in the accuracy of the rifle. If the rifle’s action is not properly mounted in any of the systems, it will not shoot with its full potential. They both need a stress-free installation. Only the process of installation differs in both systems.You can also customize your chassis system according to your preference. You can add different accessories such as bipods, quivers, thermals, night vision etc. Always choose the chassis system according to your needs and demand as there are many models. The chassis have increased in popularity in recent times and manufacturers have made more advanced systems with competitive pricing and many variations in style. In a chassis system world, the Gungner chassis is exceptional. The price is also affordable. Usually, the prices range from few hundred to thousand dollars, but you can get chassis for only $49.95. You can also look at the entire collection of Gungner accessories as it gives less cost and good accuracy in work.


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